Proposition 64: A Spooky Choice for California

Tonight, thousands of children will go house-to-house asking for goodies. But if Proposition 64 passes on November 8, next year parents may get more tricks than treats. Officially titled “the Adult Use of Marijuana Act,” Prop 64 would legalize marijuana in California and put children at risk on a holiday like Halloween.…

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New SB 1146 Petition!

SB 1146 Petition Graphic

Earlier this month, I wrote to you about the disastrous SB 1146. Today, we have a brand new petition you can use to help engage your friends and family! But first, several people have asked us for a concise explanation of why SB 1146 is such a threat. In summary, here…

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A Conversation with Donald Trump

On Tuesday, June 21, I joined several hundred other national leaders in New York City for a private meeting with Donald Trump, frontrunner for the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination. I recorded a short video as I walked through Times Square to the meeting, asking CFC’s supporters to pray for me,…

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