CA Senate Committee Chair Violates Grammar Rules to Affirm Non-binary Ideology

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California Senate Judiciary Committee Chair, Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, made national news in last month when she announced to Senate Judiciary Committee members that the Chair should no longer be referred to as “he or she,” but as “they.” After publicly correcting the pronoun use of a fellow senator and then correcting her own use of the pronoun “her,” many logically assumed she planned to ban gendered pronouns for everyone communicating within her committee. But after days of being lambasted by the national press and even by her own local newspaper, she corrected herself and said she only meant to enforce her new grammar rules within the text of the committee bylaws.

Jackson said the change reflects the fact that California now recognizes a non-binary designation on birth certificates and driver’s licenses for those not wanting to identity as male or female. Many of those identifying as non-binary want to be referred to using they/them pronouns, instead of gendered pronouns like he/she. Despite the change, the pronoun rules proved easier for Jackson to practice in writing, than to actually put into practice while talking. Immediately after announcing the rules, Jackson started violating using gendered pronouns; at least 14 times within 30 minutes.

“We are using the phrase ‘they’ and replacing other designations so that it is a gender neutral designation,” Jackson told the Senate Judiciary Committee last Thursday. She went on to explain that these changes would have given her grammar teacher a heart attack. Then in a moment of amusing irony, Jackson concluded by saying, “My grammar teacher is long gone and I will not be hearing from her.” Someone on the committee immediately pointed out Jackson’s mistake. “From them, exactly,” she said correcting herself.

In a statement released by Jackson’s office, the Senator explains her real intent:

I announced some modifications to the language of our committee’s internal rules which act as bylaws to the committee. Some people have taken these very minor changes out of context and misinterpreted them as a banning of the use of he/she language in our regular legislative business or in California’s laws. It does not ban the use of gendered pronouns in any way. It simply makes our bylaws clearer and more consistent going forward.

Here is the change made to the committee bylaws:

Prior to the 2019 session the rules read: “The Chair shall preside at meetings when present, except when the committee is considering a bill of which he or she is the sole or lead author.”

The same sentence now reads: “The Chair shall preside at meetings when present, except when the committee is considering a bill of which theyare the sole or lead author.”

It is confusing why Jackson would correct the pronoun use of a fellow senator and then herself, if she only meant to make this change to the committee bylaws. But even if this is all Jackson meant to announce, why does she think she has the right or authority to change grammar rules, that she admitted her ‘grammar teacher would have had a heart attack over.”

Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson announces new pronoun rules for the CA Senate Judiciary Committee. But she is unable to follow her own rules.

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  1. This is hilarious it’s so unnatural that you can’t even do it yourself because it’s a joke God made man then he made woman one has a penis one has a vagina that’s the difference if they don’t want to say whether they do or not that’s their freedom but you can’t take away our freedom to give them theirs they don’t have no speech should not ever be forced on anybody else cuz personally it’s against my beliefs my faith my constitutional right to be a female woman I am proud to be a woman and we should be how are people supposed to fight for women’s rights where is our religious freedom and not to mention freedom of speech this is about the LGBT trying to control our speech and absolutely unconstitutional and frankly making the human race Dumber

    • Exactly. I have the same rights as anyone and nobody can tell me what to call them either way.If you “Identify” as something other than what I call you then too bad. Go cry yourself to sleep you weak pathetic piece of garbage. If your a real Man, Woman, Gender-Neutral or whatever then call me out on it and lets throw down like real Trans-Genders do it. All stupidity aside, what do we do in the military now? Yes Ma’am and Yes Sir is kinda offending?Dis-Respecting
      our officers now right?

  2. SB179 is the most rediculous idea anyone has ever had
    The government cannot tell me how to speak. Worry more about hate speech that incites violence and murder. Try that instead. Criminalizing speech? Whoever agrees with that, should move to Russia where there is no free speech. You are the devil in disguise. Stop trying to destroy our great country
    Are you going to make a law that Hispanic people
    who are in the US must change their language too?
    You have all lost your minds. People are leaving CA in droves. Keep up this nonsense and no one will live inCA
    to pay for your insanity. No one will want to visit this
    state with cities being destroyed by the homeless. Do
    something constructive about that situation instead of
    concentrating on gender language. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I guess none of you have any
    principles. TOO BAD

    • If she really only meant to change the ONE sentence as stated above; why would she not simply state that she wants to change one sentence in their internal rules? If the Senator only wanted to change the words he/she in the one sentence she simply should have changed them to “the Chair is” which is grammatically correct and gender neutral. . Due to the Senator waiting until there was such an outcry about her comments before she clarified her intentions; I feel that her “clarification” is disingenuous and she really had a more extreme and far reaching change in mind. I wonder if the internal rules state how the members address the chair? I would love to review the minutes of their meetings to see how “non-binary” they are.


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