Pro Abortion Senator Kamala Harris Tries To Paint Judge Kavanaugh as Sexist for not Supporting Abortion

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Democratic Senator Kamala Harris tried to entrap Judge Kavanaugh during a series of questions during his confirmation hearings in an effort to paint him as a sexist or hypocritical. 

Senator Harris thought she was being witty and sly because abortion advocates always claim that pro life advocates want to control a woman’s body. 

So she then proceeded to ask Judge Kavanaugh whether there were any laws that govern a man’s body. She was apparently trying to get Judge Kavanaugh to fumble and look either sexist or hypocritical with his answer.

Senator Harris asked Kavanaugh if he knew of any laws “that the government has power to make over the male body?”

Judge Kavanaugh analyzed her very broad question and then asked her if she had a more specific question to ask.

“Um … I’m happy to answer a more specific question, Judge Kavanaugh responded, “but …”

“Male versus female, ” Harris responded curtly.

Lifenews points out that “[t]he problem with Harris’ question is that she completely ignores how government has the power via legalized abortion to control the bodies of both men and women. Little boys and girls each and every day are killed in abortions.”

Also, for the record, their are laws that govern the male body, such as it being illegal to expose oneself in public, public indecency, drug use, speeding, and even loitering. Most would agree with all of these laws, despite the fact that they do restrict “personal freedom.” However, the more important issue is that the laws are in order to protect the rights, interests, and safety of others. So it is with laws restricting abortion. While it may restrict what some consider to be a “personal freedom,” it is to protect the safety and emotional well being of both the mother and her child. 

One other major consideration is that there is more than one body involved. There are, in fact, two bodies. The woman’s body of course, and the body of the child in her womb. Even though a woman may prefer to think of her child as a clump of cells that may be her choice. However, her choice of opinion based on whether the baby is wanted or unwanted does not alter the facts of science. Advocating for a woman’s “free choice” to kill her child is nothing short of morally irresponsible, quite frankly it is murder.

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  1. Thank you for the clip from Judge Kavanaugh’s questioning by Senator Harris. I also appreciate and support the thoughts expressed as “Lifenews points out”. However, what was Judge Kavanaugh’s answer following the senators curt “male versus female” retort?

  2. Kamala Harris is pure evil at her core! Not wanting innocent children of either gender to be destroyed for someone else’s convenience qualifies as being a sexist.
    Kamala Harris is EVIL AND IGNORANT!

  3. We need to help all to understand that a woman does have rights, but these rights to not supersede the universal, national, and God-given right that ALL PEOPLE have to live!
    A person is a Human Being, no mater what stage of development they are in.

  4. Stephen P. (Patrick) Hayes

    Senator Harris asked Kavanaugh if he knew of any laws “that the government has power to make over the male body?”

    They called it “A Draft Notice” back in 1964 when I was drafted! I proudly served (made target folders for air strikes in Vietnam! I am also a, Life Member of the DAV!

  5. Very good response from LifeNews! The Very important law that prohibits both male and women to force their bodies into or onto another person’s body ( aka as rape, touching or even looking!) was not mentioned! Please give us Judge Cavanaugh’s response! He is very smart and savvy so I hope his response was as good and even better than the one you posted from LifeNews?!


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