Planned Parenthood Names Dr. Leanna Wen as New President & CEO

Planned Parenthood has a new President. Her name is Dr. Leana Wen and she is a former emergency room doctor as well as the Commissioner of Health for the City of Baltimore. 

Dr. Leanna Wen has already stirred up controversy prior to taking on the new role of President of Planned Parenthood. According to Lifenews, in her capacity as Commissioner, she pushed her abortion views to the forefront of her position and endeavored to force pregnancy care centers who were centered around preserving life to fundamentally contradict their reason for existence and be forced to promote abortions.

As a result, pregnancy centers in Baltimore filed a lawsuit against Wen, and she was named as a defendant in the Baltimore based lawsuit pregnancy centers filed against a city ordinance requiring them to post signs in their waiting rooms stating that they do not provide abortions – or face heavy daily fines. 

The Supreme Court did not hear the Baltimore case but heard a similar case, from California, National Institute of Family and Life Advocates v. Becerra. The court ultimately sided with the pregnancy care centers on free speech grounds. 

Planned Parenthood is still under federal investigation for the sale of aborted baby parts. The Department of Justice officially opened an investigation into Planned Parenthood last December. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Wen marks a shift in any. In her first media appearance since becoming the President of Planned Parenthood she recycled old talking points already touted by former President Cecile Richards. Wen stated that Planned Parenthood has done more for women than any other. Georgi Boorman with the Federalist points out:

Apparently the destruction of 3,401,891 preborn baby girls since 1978 is a stellar record for women’s health. Beyond the obvious fact that preborn genocide totally negates anything Planned Parenthood does, what is so special about Planned Parenthood that its services are critical to American women?

If you want oral birth control, you can get it at any health clinic. If you need sexually transmitted disease testing, cancer screenings, or prenatal care, you can get it at the doctor’s office. If you simply need “education,” which Planned Parenthood loves to tout as a major accomplishment, you can go to any of the 2,752 pregnancy centers in the United States.

Additionally, in a Planned Parenthood video published to their YouTube channel in which Wen introduces herself, she cites relying on abortion calling it “the basic right to healthcare.”

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  3. Speak for the Silent

    Ms. Wen,

    Apparently, according to your bio, you came to the U.S. “with (only)$40.00” and the knowledge, no doubt, that America is, according to our Constitution, a place where “all (wo) men are created equal.” It is to your credit that, in this environment of great opportunity, you became a doctor. Unfortunately, you have decided to use your skills, not to protect the lives of the weakest, among us, but to preside over an institution that annihaltes life, at its most vulnerable. Under the popular adage, amplified now, for decades, of “protecting women’s rights”, you facilitate the slaughter of those who have no voice. A lucrative position, at the expense of the unborn. In addition, you and your death camps for babies sell the “parts” to Senomyx, a company that uses chemicals, from the livers of the victims, to create flavor enhancers in chips and fast food, to name, but a few of the thousands products Clearly, the money from those sales, in the millions, is more important than a child’s s life. The Genocide over which you preside, will be attained for, by a loving Universe. Particularly, since the Universe, or God, is that very same child whose life was, in many cases, brutally destroyed, In the name of a woman’s, unquestionable right to freedom. you oppose the very precept that afforded you the privilege of becoming a doctor.


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