Planned Parenthood Killed 321,384 Babies Last Year Bringing Total Killed to Over 7.6 Million

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Planned Parenthood has killed over 7.6 million babies since it legally began performing abortions in 1973 following the Roe v. Wade decision. That’s a catastrophic number. It’s easy to read 7.6 million and shrug it off. That’s more than two times the population of Los Angeles. That’s 7,600,000 humans that were never given a chance at life because of Planned Parenthood. 7,600,000 babies that never had the opportunity to celebrate a birthday. And that’s not even taking into account the number of babies aborted by Planned Parenthood illegally, before the Roe v. Wade decision was handed was decided by the United States Supreme Court.

Planned Parenthood is by far the nation’s largest abortion provider. Over the holidays, they conveniently and quietly published their annual report for 2016-2017. Last year, Planned Parenthood published their annual report months late – in May! An analysis of the 2016-2017 report along with Planned Parenthood’s previous reports shows that Planned Parenthood is responsible for the deaths of over 7.6 million human babies. We know the Planned Parenthood number is likely low, in fact, pro life journalists with the Media Research Center estimated in 2016 that Planned Parenthood had killed upwards of 7.5 million babies.

In the 2016-2017 fiscal year detailed in the report, Planned Parenthood performed 321,384 abortions. Last annual report (2015-2016), Planned Parenthood performed 328,348 abortions. The year before that (2014-2015) Planned performed 323,999 abortions.

“Planned Parenthood’s business model is sinking faster than the Titanic,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of the Susan B. Anthony List. According to a press release:

“Despite record income, non-abortion services are in decline, clients are abandoning them in droves, and dozens of facilities have closed. Meanwhile, abortions are holding steady at over 320,000 a year. Yet this report barely scratches the surface of the abortion giant’s troubles as it faces federal investigation for its role in the grotesque harvest and sale of aborted babies’ body parts for profit. Enough is enough. Community health centers vastly outnumber Planned Parenthood facilities nationwide and offer comprehensive primary and preventative care for women and families. Congress must follow through on the promise to redirect tax dollars away from Planned Parenthood without further delay.”

It is fortunate that we are seeing a decrease in abortions performed, but there is till much work to be done. According to its annual report, Planned Parenthood provided just 3,889 adoption referrals while performing 321,848 abortions. That’s nearly 83 abortions for every adoption referral. Planned Parenthood’s prenatal services decreased from 9,419 last year to 7,762 this year.For every prenatal service given, Planned Parenthood performed 41 abortions.

Like past reports, this one also tried to sell the misleading idea that abortions make up only 3% of the services provided by the abortion corporation.

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    • Hi. Maybe the couples who got pregnant “Accidentally”, should’ve been more careful. If you forgot to take your Pill. If it was that important not to get pregnant, they should’ve had reminders set on their phone or watch. 🤔

  1. The Trump administration is chipping away at PPH. That is why the head of it resigned. She was making $500.000 a year. She saw the handwriting on the wall.

    • Do u know what an abortion is it’s a foetus that is ultimately ended with in the mothers womb. That supposed human being you call a baby is not a baby because it hasn’t fully developed it’s a foetus meaning there is no organs to harvest

      • Human beings aren’t fully developed until they reach adulthood around 20. I don’t think you would argue that parents have the right to kill their children outside the womb because they aren’t “fully developed.” Also abortion centers run by Planned Parenthood are eager to sell unborn baby organs to researchers to find cures for diseases. I wrote a story about it here:

      • Bon, God told Jeremiah, “Before you were born, I knew you..” Between the moments that God did and did not know Jeremiah is the point of conception. By the time Jeremiah entered his mother’s womb, conception was a foregone conclusion. God knows the beginning and the end of each life that enters the womb and he has ordained it. Therefore in God’s eyes, it is a fully developed human being. What you need to consider is, is God’s word true?

      • You can pick up a fetal heart tone between 9/12 weeks. That is a baby and has as much right to live as you did. Obviously your mothers abortion failed

        • Moses’s Mother’s abortion failed as well. Abortion is as old as conception. The only thing roe vb Wade did was prevent women from dying while getting one.

      • You are so very ignorant! The baby has a fully formed heart at 4 weeks of age. Fully complete spinal column at 7 weeks of gestation. Just because a baby cannot breathe on his/her own does not make him or her anything less than a human being. This foetus is a separate distinct being taking up space in the mothers womb. Separate DNA……. nice job trying to convince yourself that this is not a human. You are just plain stupid and evil. Fetus is a young person….. get your facts straight.

        • Did you also know that at the end of that spinal column that id fully formed at the age of 7 weeks is a fully formed TAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          So are you a lizard at 7 weeks? You have a fully formed tail? are you a human being? Do Humans have tails?

      • Actually the baby is formed at 8 weeks gestation. All the organs are there and the baby can feel pain. You really need to look at ultrasounds of the baby. And another thing, the very definition of fetus is BABY. Specifically a human baby.

    • Yes..and having an abortion scared me for life..I was one of their illegal abortions.
      I eas 15 and persuaded ny my boyfriend

  2. This is Morbid Inhumane sickening HORRIBLE disheartening just no words to describe how Terribly ill it makes me! People who Kill Babies abort them are just as bad as HITLER and STALIN just plain Evil!!!

  3. viviana cafferata

    Que Dios les haga pagar este gran daño a la sociedad.. Son genocidas.. En Argentina no vamos a permitir que uds hagan este amasacre lo vamos a difundir.. !!.. IPPF GENOCIDAS…

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  6. If you are against this atrocity, make sure you’re doing something daily to fight against it Otherwise our silence supports it and condones it.

    “Whoever loves Me will know and keep My commands.” Jn 14:21

    One of those commands are to “rescue those being led away to death” Prv. 24:11-12

    And God warns us fir mor responding to this command.

    Another, Prv. 21:13, warns us, if we dont response to those crying out for mercy, we will one day, cry out for mercy and not be heard.

    Only a “few” are 9n the “narrow way” that leads to eternal life and the harvest is ripe but the labourers are “few”.

    The are very “few” warriors on the frontlines of the women’s clinics and murder mills.

    It isn’t “feeling bad” that shows our love. It is responding to those crying out for mercy, or speaking up for those who cannot, the “least of my brothers”.

    If you are wondering why I am addressing this here , it is because statistics show and research supports and our Lord supports by his statements the only approximately 2% and professing Christians in the United States are genuine Christians . All the biggest difficulties we have is getting Christians to respond to the front lines if you don’t know how many Christians you have in your town or city on abortions Mill and see how many people respond there . Sadly, if anyone is there, it’s usually a couple Catholics, who still need the Gospel as well.

    “Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.” 1 Jn 3:18

    “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” Ja 1:22

    In Christ.

    • ‘By their love shall ye know them.’ Apparently, this was how people in the ancient world spoke of the first Christians. Thank you for reminding us of how we should react to these crimes – this comes from a Catholic.

  7. I don’t care how you look at it and the liberals and Democrats can sweep it under their carpets all they want but the hard core fact is that abortions are the murder of innocent children. The only reason a women should abort their baby is if her life is in danger. It amazes me how a mother to be can condemn their own child to such a horrific and ungodly act.

  8. It bears mentioning that PP also provided 730,339 “emergency contraceptives” which are abortafacents. The number is greater than 1 million per year.

  9. Abortions are listed by PP as a 2% of total services, but total services is not the same as total patients. Patients receive multiple services. Just look at the top of page 9. If we count Plan B as part of the total, PP provided an abortion service to 43% of its patients…Even just leaving out Plan B, and abortions are provided to 13% of their patients. That’s a number that has actual value behind it, not the amorphous “total services.”


    • Remember we are talking about abortions done by Planned Parenthood only. The 60 million number is the total number since 1973.


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