CA Democratic Candidate Josh Harder Supports Abortion Through All 9 Months of Pregnancy

Democratic Candidate Josh Harder supports abortion for the entire duration of a pregnancy, according to a video unearthed earlier this week.

The video is from a July 2017 meeting of the progressive group Our Revolution in Turlock, California. Josh Harder is challenging incumbent Representative Jeff Dunham (R-CA, 10th District) in the November midterm elections. 

The Washington Free Beacon first reported the video, taken in July of 2017. During the meeting, Josh Harder also stated he is against the Hyde Amendment. The Hyde Amendment is not a law, but a provision introduced in an appropriations bill in 1976. The measure has been renewed every year since then, and protects U.S. taxpayers from being compelled to pay for abortions for most low-income women.  The Hyde Amendment has saved two million lives since 1976. 

Josh Harder then later stated during the same meeting that he supports abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. 

According to the video:

“If I’m in Congress, I will absolutely sponsor legislation to overturn that,” Harder says. “And the reason for that is, I’m 100 percent pro-choice. And the reason for that is that I think that women should be, and are, the best judges for what they can actually have with their bodies.”

“So pro-choice, full nine terms?” an audience member asks.

“Yes,” Harder responds.

“No exceptions?” the audience member asks.

“No exceptions,” Harder says.

The video was on YouTube and Facebook, but has since been deleted. Harder’s campaign website is not nearly as controversial in its wording, but states that he “will defend Planned Parenthood” and “Advocate for a woman’s right to choose.”

Former Democratic President Barack Obama endorsed Harder last month, the Washington Free Beacon reports

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  1. You, Josh Harder have no regards for life. The mother could also die in the process of an abortion. Would you have the same decision if it was a family member of your‘s? You would not be here if your mother made that decision with you.

  2. I couldn’t believe it was true. I voted for Denham before I heard this atrocious story! I totally didn’t believe any human being would choose to murder a healthy baby ready to live on its own! With all the childless couples who would love to adopt a newborn! I had to research to believe it. What a Creep this Liberal bone-headed murderer is! I’m amazed and NOT in a good way. He won’t win. The video buried his chances.

  3. Not responding to the misleading accusations aggressively made me look up the facts on my own. I kept waiting for a responce of some kind to these extremely numerous ads
    and personally heard nothing.
    People form opinions on what they hear repeated and don’t research what seems odd. The question asked regarding abortion was odd.
    Mr. Harders responce was misinterpreted so why wasn’t this made clear?
    I voted for him because I researched this for myself.
    His financial and work history were also in question. I researched this as well and again found legitimate explanations that were not addressed in the campaign.
    If he loses because he did not effectively respond to these accusations so be it but we are learning to not believe everything we hear as the truth. Do your homework because untruths are becoming t8he norm and I will be considering my party alliance.

  4. I don’t see why these women getting abortions in later months are freaking thinking might as well have the baby and give it up for adoption rather than kill the baby and have to have it removed any way it’s simple sad


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