New 1st Grade Textbook Lionizes CA Gov. Candidate for his Gay Activism

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A new state recommended social studies and history curriculum is being introduced in public schools around California that blatantly promotes a bias perspective on the policy achievements of governor candidate Gavin Newsom. Dubbing him “Champion for People’s Rights,” the first grade textbook teaches kids about “respecting the rights” of others by pointing to Newsom’s advocacy for same-sex marriage, while mayor of San Francisco. The text doesn’t even try to be objective and fails to mention that marriages for same-sex couples were not an established right at the time, but a brand new concept and only legal in a select number of countries.

“This lesson is supposed to be for first grade students, but it reads like a piece of political propaganda put together by the Democrat Party,” said Jonathan Keller, President of California Family Council. “It is both premature and outrageous to list Gavin Newsom alongside universally loved American heroes like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Millions of Californians who voted twice to define marriage as the union of a man and a woman opposed Newsom’s flagrant defiance of our state’s marriage laws and use of the courts to push his personal views of marriage on the population.”

“Just a decade later, California’s Department of Education is promoting the controversial political views of a candidate for governor to six year-olds and blatantly smearing the sincerely held religious beliefs of countless families,” Keller said. “This political puff piece should be removed from any public textbook.”

The first grade lesson pictured below is part of a history and social studies curriculum published by Pearson, that is being piloted right now in the Elk Grove Unified School District as part of a textbook update mandated by the FAIR Education Act passed in 2011. Parents were encouraged to come view the new curriculum on September 10, and asked to give the school district input. Parents will have additional opportunities to view the curriculum over the next several months before the Elk Grove Unified School Board gives their final approval in the early part of next year. Contact the Elk Grove board members and let them know what you think of this new textbook. 

Every Californian should call their own school district to see if this new curriculum has been introduced in their school district yet.

Here is a picture of the lesson found in the teacher’s guide. On the right you can see what students will see in their text book, while on the left you will see how teachers are encouraged to teach the lesson.

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  1. This book should never have been published and I pray to God it isn’t in any classrooms especially 1st grade. Newsome needs to be jailed for this assault on 6 year olds!

    • Definitely not education, but manipulation of a young child’s mind by emotionally disordered individuals, who have taken over California’s public school system. Get your children out of the public STATE school system as quickly as you can. My grandchildren are being educated in a small Catholic school, where the parents are involved!!! .

  2. What is just as outrageous, we the people PASSED in 2008 Prop 8! Which states marriage IS BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN! And Mr. Newman and other government leaders have illegally NOT implemented the LAW! It is time that we adhere to the law. And teach our children truth! Parents need to file a class action lawsuit against the government! And impeaching our officials for violating and obstructing the laws and Constitution!

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  4. Looks great to us! He is a champion of human rights in a small sense. Remember, forty years ago textbooks didn’t have anything about Rosa Parks or MLK Jr. When their stories were first introduced into textbooks, bigots fought that as well. I’m happy about this.

    • Mark, every issue is not comparable to the civil rights era (first civil rights act passed in 1866 by the way). This issue on the table is about protecting our children. Sexualizing our children is destructive for them, will likely cause them the same type of harm as molesting does. Some, whose intentions may be good do not count ultimate practical costs. “” Re-educating”” children with values contrary to their parents’ values is a tactic used in totalitarian societies. There is here an obvious move to brainwash our children from even the earliest ages. I weep for them, pray for you, and fight to protect the children.

  5. This is simply frightening. I homeschool but realize that I need to be praying for kids in the public school system. They are being fed so many lies—it’s no wonder they are so lost. For those of us working with public charter programs, are there things we need to be aware of, for instance in BrainPop or other websites “free” for us through the charters?

  6. He’s a Progressive Democrats. Progressives don’t respect the Constitution which was written to protect our rights.

    State sponsored propaganda. If I taught this class I would rip the page from every book

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