Teacher Helps Kindergartener Announce Gender Change to Shocked Classmates

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Sacramento FOX 40 News covered this story last week and interviewed CFC Director of Capitol Engagement, Greg Burt

With the help of his teacher and under the guidance of his parents, a kindergarten student in Rocklin, California announced his new gender identity to his class in a way that confused and scared some of his classmates, and upset parents of the students. Despite receiving numerous parental complaints, officials from the public charter school defended the teacher’s decision to allow a “transition ceremony,” explaining state and federal laws against discrimination prevented them from stopping what happened.

The incident happened at the end of the school year on June 7 at Rocklin Academy Gateway, a charter school northeast of Sacramento. The parents of a little boy wanted to ensure their son’s kindergarten class accepted his “transition” into a female gender identity, so the boy brought some books on transgenderism for the teacher to read to the class. One of the children’s books, titled  “I Am Jazz,” is co-written by a biologically male teen named Jazz Jennings who identifies as transgendered girl. In the book, Jazz describes how he “transitioned” from a boy to a girl after a doctor told him at the age of three that his affinity for colors, clothes, and activities typically associated with girls meant he was transgendered, having “a girl brain, but a boy’s body.”

According to seven different parents who heard the same story from their children, sometime between the reading of two transgender books, a male classmate changed from his boy clothes to his girl clothes. Each child also knew they were supposed to use the boy’s new girl name and that their classmate had a girl’s brain in a boy’s body.  (For privacy reasons, the name of the child and his parents are not included in this story.) Parents were not notified beforehand this was going to happen. When one parent asked the teacher her account of what happened, the mother was told to ask her child. When parents initially confronted the school administration with the accounts they heard from their children, those accounts were not refuted.

Some children reacted in fear and confusion, while others expressed doubts about their own gender. The following account is from a parent who describes the reaction her child had after witnessing a classmate announce he was a girl. (The parent asked that her name not be used out of fear of retaliation.)

“My children could not stop talking about this for days. They told everyone that they saw. We had to have some serious conversations with our very young children that we were not prepared to have. My child was afraid that at any moment they could turn into a the opposite sex. Other boys in the class came home asking if they could wear dresses too. There was so much confusion amongst the children after seeing this little boy turn into a girl.

In our opinion this very controversial book had no place in a Kindergarten classroom. My child was taught by the teacher that a little boy can become a girl just by going to the doctor. They saw an example of it right in front of them and were told that he was now a girl and had to be called by his girl name. Not only does this teaching expose my child to the highly controversial topic of identity dysphoria, but it was presented as normal and that it makes you special.

Parents have the right to be notified if this type of controversial topic is going to be taught to their kindergartens, or at any age. To expose young children to this type of confusing identity teaching is inappropriate and damaging to their young impressionable minds.”

Dr. Michelle Cretella, President of the American College of Pediatricians, agrees that transgender teaching is damaging to young minds.

“Teaching transgender ideology to children amounts to child abuse,” Dr. Cretella said. “It disrupts normal cognitive development, and leads many children down the path of unnecessary and dangerous hormone treatments and surgeries. The reactions of fear and confusion among young children exposed to gender bending story books and cross-dressing demonstrations similar to what happened at Rocklin School are predictable.”

Cretella points to Dr. Lawrence Kohlberg’s Cognitive Developmental Theory of Gender Identity, which states that while most children correctly identify their sex by age 3, most children under age 7 do not understand that sex is permanent.

“Children under age 7 may believe that a man actually becomes a woman by putting on makeup and a dress,” Cretella explained.  “When authority figures teach these youngsters the myth that a child can be trapped in the wrong body, they are potentially disrupting their normal cognitive development… [and] will potentially lead to the fear that they aren’t the sex their bodies clearly indicate they are.”

After the recent media attention, Rocklin Academy Superintendent Robin Stout emailed parents telling them that the details of what transpired in the class can’t be shared with parents “to protect student confidentiality and safety.” Despite this, Stout did dispute that a class ceremony took place, and that the school “neither encouraged nor discouraged the transition of any student.” Stout also said the child transitioned to a girl “before the day the book was read.”

To address parental concerns about the classroom incident the Rocklin Academy Charter School Academy Board of Directors held a special school board meeting on July 31. An attorney hired by the school gave a presentation on Student Identity and California Civil Rights. Attorney Kristopher Carpenter explained that state anti-discrimination laws protect students on the basis of gender identity. If the kindergarten teacher had refused to read “I Am Jazz” in class, the school could get sued, Carpenter explained.

Carpenter also said that state law did not give parents the right to be notified before books about transgenderism are read in the class, because technically they are not considered sex education. He quoted (Ed. Code section 51932(b) which states:  “instruction or materials that discuss gender, sexual orientation, or family life and do not discuss human reproductive organs and their functions” are not subject to the parental notice and opt-out laws.

A group of concerned Rocklin Academy Gateway parents aren’t satisfied with the the school’s response. They put together a petition explaining what happened and proposed two policy changes: First they want the school to adopt a parental notification policy, with an opt-out option, that requires teachers to notify parents before controversial material like this is presented to students. Secondly, they want all anti-bullying materials and other books used in the classroom to be approved by the Rocklin Academy School Board with parental input and oversight. The the petition has already gathered signatures from 150 parents

The Rocklin Academy of Family Schools School Board held a regular public meeting at the Rocklin Academy Gateway Campus on August 21st. Watch new coverage here

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  1. Suzanne Stillinger

    I see you, and I see the fear and hatred in your heart. Why are you so threatened by a six year old child? Your “expert source” is from the American College of Pediatricians, an anti-LGBT conservative organization? You are actively doing harm to an wonderful child with an incredible, loving family.

    • There is no hatred in our hearts towards those struggling with their gender identity. We just think it is harmful to tell a child they could be trapped in the wrong body, and the way a child can know this is by searching their feelings or by the tools, colors, or activities they like. The American College of Pediatricians believes the same way, and they deserve to have their opinions heard.

    • Get over yourself. One minute everyone loves the American College of Pediatricians and now they are a hate group. Pathetic. Just because they see things differently. You are a bigot yourself against those who don’t think like you. Close minded thinking.

    • God has not changed, the bible has mot changed. This is wrong in so many ways. If my child was at this school I would pull my child out and hpme school.

  2. You used the wrong pronouns in this article. It’s she, not he. This article is so full of innacuracies m, it is mind boggling. YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT AN INNOCENT CHILD. It is hate group like this that lead trans men and women to kill themselves. You are bullies.

    • We are full of love and compassion for those struggling with their gender identity. But we don’t think it is loving to encourage anyone to define their gender based on their feelings or desires. Feelings are unreliable and often deceive us into believing things that are false. I think everyone has had a feeling or desire that they know is morally wrong or irrational. The best and most loving thing you can tell a child struggling to accept their gender is that God loves them and that He created them a boy or a girl. They should be confident in that fact because of their own biology. Because of this position, which corresponds to our Christian religious beliefs, we will always use gender pronouns that reflect someone’s biological sex. This doesn’t make us a hate group or bullies. That’s simply slander.

    • Stop blaming everybody. The reasons for suicide are complex. Do you know that Death Education is a subject in high schools and universities? Search that.

    • What about the innocence of the other children subjected to this bizarre sex change ritual? Didn’t you care about their fear and confusion? It’s sickening to put innocent young children through such raw psychological manipulation for purely political ends.. You remind me of how the Indo-Chinese communists taught children that natural families are bad and only the state is their rightful family. You would fit right in with them the way you would use the force of law to hijack their normal development. The bullying isn’t coming from our side, but yours.

    • Please stop using the term “hate” to shut down any substantive argument. It is a tiresome ploy by the left to bully those with differing opinions and facts and people aren’t buying it anymore. What’s horrifying to me is that parents would actually encourage a five year old child to transition into the opposite sex when most parents understand that gender confusion is a normal part of growing up. Left on their own, over 90% of children grow out of the gender confusion stage and thank goodness. Otherwise, they would be leading incredibly sad lives …so sad that about 40% commit suicide …even after surgery. Arguing that a 5 year old gender confused child should be encouraged to embrace the opposite sex is pure hatred or absolute ignorance.

    • Oh, here we go again…believing in actual science and biology is now “hate”. Hate is simply used when there are zero facts to one side of a discussion and only feelings are involved. It has become the modern day “race card”…and yes we are talking about an innocent child who is obviously confused and is sadly being used by the parents to finally get their 15 minutes of accolades and pats on the back for being so “progressive”. its child abuse, plain and simple. If that child looked in the mirror and always saw a fat person, he would have a “disorder” and everyone would beg for the parents to help him seek mental health professionals. Unfortunately this form of mental disorder is part of an agenda and he is now being used for political clout.

      If my child believes he is a pirate, should i surgically remove one of his eyes and legs and force his peers to call him “stink-eye Pete?”. He’s a pirate trapped in a 4 yr olds body and you should embrace this and allow him to express on the outside what he’s feeling on the inside. Of course if you don’t agree its just because you hate children obviously.

    • There is no hate, it is not normal! That boy is a boy, he will NEVER BE A GIRL! STUPID and child abuse big time!
      They kill themselves because their genetic code screams for the real gender identity.
      GOD made us women and men. Nobody comes in this world transgender!

  3. I have a serious concern about these little kids that somewhere down the road they will commit suicide because they don’t know who they are. You can’t just change sex on a whim…especially at six.

    • The role of school is to teach literature, math, history, geography, good manners, physical education how to stay healthy and safe not transgenderism that is imposed by satanic and evil confederations so our kids will become infertile, sick, mental retarded and suicidal.

  4. Children at this age are way too young to have established a gender and sexual identity. It’s the same reason children are not diagnosed with personality disorders, there is still way too much development before adulthood – with the physical, emotional, cognitive, moral and social development leading to a more fixed establishment of who you are. Anyone who has taken a child development class should know this. Remember, this is the age when kids experiment and play, dressing up in both parents clothes, playing the other gender has “cooties,” and puppy loves. Add to that the blending of traditional gender roles and I’d say a kindergartener can’t be “transgender” in the adult sense.

  5. This is so depraved and disgusting and this is borderline child abuse. As a psychologist, gender dysphoria should be handled as what it is–a mental disorder. This is confusing to children this young as they are impressionable. I am blown away at how this was handled and so glad our children are not in public school. This world is going down fast morally. God (literally) help us.

  6. It’s news like this which makes me glad I’m not teaching in the primary grades anymore. The attorney which the school board brought in presented only one side just as in a court of law. Yes, parents can sue but that doesn’t mean this shouldn’t be presented in a court of law. I would have been very uncomfortable doing what this teacher did. I think ” normal” students have not been fairly represented by our court system or our legislative representatives. for far too long we have been made to feel that the normal or gifted child isn’t just as special. I love ALL children and think that they should all be considered. (Oh no, I better get off this topic). I’ve had students of both sexes that have inclinations toward what we as society says is the opposite sex. I have never felt it is my place to label any child accordingly. I celebrate all that gives a child his/her own feelings of self worth. As adults we need to keep the lines of communication open from all sides, not try to shut the other side up by calling them names.

  7. It made me cry to read this story. God made each of us and God made that child to be the person He created. Why do we think we humans have the wisdom and the right to be God. Please pray for all children growing up and interacting in this world that they may come to know that they can give thanks to God for they are fearfully and wonderfully made. ( Psalms 139:14) Wonderful are God’s works, and my soul knows it very well.

  8. What about all the other innocent children that were in the class? Do they have any thought given to them about the confusion and upset they may now be feeling? And their parents who have a hard time trying explain to them things they are too young to actually understand. Sometimes adults make some badly thoughtout decisions trying to be supportive to one while discriminating against the rest without really thinking about the long term effects. Very sad for all involved..

  9. Lyneil Vandermolen

    I notice that the comments above completely dismissed the fear and confusion sown into the children who were subjected to this bizarre sex-change ceremony in school. Don’t they count? New age social engineers tell us that kids are going to have sex and take drugs no matter what, so we might as well just teach them to ameliorate the results. But at at the same time they’ll order us to reverse thousands of years of both civilization and biology to obey transgender ideology, or suffer the wrath of the law.. This hypocrisy is driven by strident social fascists .

  10. My heart breaks for this child, I believe it is the parents, wanting to be socially acceptable that pushed this. All children like to dress up, that does not mean that they want to be the opposite sex. This poor little boy will always remember this event, How now does he change his mind back to wanting to be a boy after such a public event.

  11. Can you please let these innocent children’s mind develope first before you shove this crap into their minds! So sick of this.

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  13. I think it’s very sad to think this genetic boy may grow up one day and decide he wants a normal family being the father and have the challenge of finding a spouse that will except the change his parents aloud all because of what some unrealistic so called doctor said. The doctor basically told the parents that they had sex wrong and created something abnormal. This boy is not legally able to choose to drink alcohol or smoke or drive. But he’s old enough to decide to change his gender, which he can’t actually do anyway, all thats actually happened is mutilation. Why didn’t the parents get a second opinion and battle this out. And all of the other children, I pray that God will give them peace in their hearts and wisdom in their future.

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  15. From the other end of the age spectrum: I am a 77 y/o trans man. When I grew up i the 1940s and 1950s, the subject of gender identity was not ever discussed openly. I did not have role models for how I felt.. Thankfully, I had wonderful/supportive parents.. I doubt I would have survived the hatefulness, name calling and taunts directed at me, of it were not for their unconditional love and support. There were no laws to protect me and others like me. Rather than me giving in to others’ hatred and abuse, I grew up to finish graduate degrees in college. I have served others all of my life, as a veterinary assistant in my first career, then as an LMFT, LMHC and PA-C, working in medicine and in mental health. I have seen and experienced, first hand, what damage can be done by expressions of hate toward others. It is far easier to lovingly support a child in his or her gender identity, than it is to heal a lifetime of emotional pain., after the fact. By the way, my adult family life has been has been “traditional”. I was married for 26 years to a wonderful woman. She was totally disabled and on dialysis for the last ten years of her life. I took care of her until the day she died.. I also took care of my adoptive mother for 29 years. I helped raise three step-children and have 9 grandchildren. My older stepson was a hero on 9/11 at the Pentagon. My older grandchildren are following in my footsteps in their chosen careers: the oldest is a veterinary assistant. The second oldest is a nurse (BSN), and also has a bachelor’s degree in sociology. The next oldest has a bachelor’s degree in psychology. All of these children and grandchildren are aware of my personal past and of my continuing work to serve not only LGBTIAQ+ clients, but to serve ALL marginalized people. Shame on those of you who are replying to this post with hateful comments. Can you not put yourself in the place of this child? You are nothing but bullies. Fear is based on ignorance. Educate yourselves..

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