Planned Parenthood Referred for Criminal Prosecution

On December 1, the Center for Medical Progress reported that the House Energy & Commerce Committee’s Select Investigative Panel announced that they have referred Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast for criminal prosecution to the Texas Attorney General on account of its illegal sale of baby body parts.

David Daleiden, founder of the Center for Medical Progress writes:

The Select Panel is the only official, comprehensive, nationwide investigation of Planned Parenthood’s harvesting and sale of aborted fetal organs, and their findings confirm the criminal activity at Planned Parenthood that CMP’s videosdocumented and show that the wrongdoing goes even deeper than anyone first suspected. The Panel has also criminally referred Planned Parenthood’s closest business partners in the sale of aborted baby parts to various state and local law enforcement. Law enforcement and elected representatives at all levels must now act quickly to bring Planned Parenthood to justice under the law and prevent any more taxpayer subsidies from flowing to Planned Parenthood’s barbaric criminal enterprise.

CMP’s videos on the entities referred by the Panel for criminal prosecution can be found at these links:

Planned ParenthoodGulf Coast
DaVinci Biosciences/DV Biologics
Advanced Bioscience Resources

Live Action News reported:

The Gulf Coast affiliate of the abortion chain was implicated in undercover videos from the Center for Medical Progress. In August of 2015, Center for Medical Progress (CMP) released its gruesome fifth video, in which the Director of Research for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, Melissa Farrell, reveals the way Planned Parenthood is willing to alter the abortion procedures on women so that buyers can obtain the “right specimens” such as “intact fetal cadavers.”

As Texas Right to Life notes, former Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson “mismanaged the case to the benefit of her friends at Planned Parenthood,” indicting “citizen journalists David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, the heroes who documented the shocking misconduct of Planned Parenthood” instead of prosecuting Planned Parenthood “after they were caught red-handed in blatant wrong-doing.”

Finally, National Review’s Alexandra DeSanctis wrote:

The latest news on their investigation came on Thursday, when Utah congresswoman Mia Love announced on the House floor a list of eight criminal referrals — recommendations that local law enforcement further investigate the groups in question. Among the referrals was one made to the Texas attorney general’s office regarding Planned Parenthood of Gulf Coast, after the panel discovered evidence indicating that the group sold body parts of aborted babies to the University of Texas, an activity that is illegal under both Texas and federal law. The investigation is ongoing, and more referrals are expected as the committee continues its work.

We will continue to update you as the story develops.

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  1. There wasn’t a lot that Sanger said on this video that I would be against. However, by looking at this video. additional vidoes of Sanger came up on the screen which show that Sanger’s agenda included things like reducing or eliminating the black race, getting rid of babies who had physical or mental defects or “criminal propesities” (how do you determine that before birth?) She also said that she was promoting ensuring that no one would have a baby for the next ten years in order to keep the world’s population small so people wouldn’t starve, etc. That included women who is denied the right to have a baby for ten years would no longer be capable of producing a baby in the future. She was greatly into population control by any means necessary as well as eugenics like Hitler promoted. This film says very little where I wouldn’t agree with Sanger. This film greatly promotes the idea that the Catholic Church is the main Christian religion (which I disagree with…I don’t even consider it to be a Christian religion because they have altered the Bible and have persecuted and killed more Christians than anyone else on earth…and I don’t believe in the Pope nor do I accept Sunday as the Sabbath…which the Pope declared that had “the power of God on earth to change times and laws” and that he determined that he would change the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday so that the pagans who celebrated Sunday, the verneral day of the Sun (God) a day of celebration and the pope wanted to force all the non=Catholics to worship on the same day and belong to the Catholic church by force. And if the Catholic church had enough power to do so they would again use any means necessary to force everyone to be Catholic or jail, persecute, or kill them because they are considered to be “heritics.” I can understand why Sanger wasn’t a fan of the Catholic church but I still do not agree with her promotion of abortion (some methods of birth control are OK to use) or the reasons she gave for promoting it. But this video is tame in comparison with others you can find regarding Sanger on the internet. And Clinton promoted Sanger and her abortion agenda as well as doing nothing positive for the black community.


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