People and Organizations Nationwide Stand with Florist from Washington State who Stands to Lose Everything

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As you probably know by now, Barronelle Stutzman, the florist in Washington state who was sued for declining to create custom floral arrangements for a same-sex wedding, has taken a stand. And today, her stand will go one step further as she goes before the Washington State Supreme Court for oral arguments in her case.

Watch the video below for the background of Barronelle’s story:

But thankfully, Barronelle will not be standing alone.

The list of Barronelle’s supporters include officials from 13 different states. According to Alliance Defending Freedom11 state attorneys general and 2 governors – urged the Court to rule in Barronelle’s favor in an amicus brief:

“Our history encourages a public square with many voices, all trying to persuade others of their views. But Respondents want all the voices either to agree on one view or to be silent. Because that runs contrary to America’s history of free speech and religious exemptions—which are embedded in Washington’s Constitution—Amici respectfully urge this Court to rule in Appellants’ [Barronelle’s] favor.”


19 different organizations have come together to stand with Barronelle, including California Family Council.

The California Family Council’s counterpart in Washington state, are also strongly standing with Barronelle:

Alison Howard, Director of Alliance Relations at Alliance Defending Freedom noted:

Creative professionals/artists should not be forced by the government to create CUSTOM work for an event/religious ceremony that violates their convictions/conscience/religious beliefs. All Americans should be free to peacefully live and operate according to their beliefs. That’s why we are a great melting pot. It’s what makes this country so wonderful.


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  1. President Trump has promised to put someone on the Supreme Court who will stand for protecting religious freedom and I hope that he keeps his promise. It is situations like this that incline me to say that I want nothing at all to do with anyone who is GLBTQ or supports this lifestyle. I feel that even though they may have a dozen floists in the area who would be happy to provide them with what they want that they will go out of their way to seek out the one and only person/business who will say no because they are greedy for money and to lazy to work for it. They are not after a marriage celebration because they have the ability to achieve that already without her. They are after the money they think they can get by taking advantage of the fact that Democrats have declared political correctness to be more important than freedom of conscience in this country. Sometimes people are just to lazy to go out and earn their living…they would rather set up people for lawsuits to obtain money instead. If the motive was to seek a wedding experience I am sure that there are many people who have no conscience against same sex weddings and would welcome the opportunity to provide it and make the money. These people are not being deprived of their right to do what they want to do….but they seek to deprive the right of another person to be able to decide what they want to do. It is morally wrong to dictate that because you feel that something is OK to do that everybody else has to agree with your opinion and do what you want. That goes for whether or not a person wants to eat vegetarian or kosher or eat meat depending on religious beliefs and conscience.. And it also applies to whether or not a person wants to participate in an event of any kind that may violate religious belief or conscience. If this homosexual couple wins this case and Trump puts a judge on the Supreme Court that protects religious freedom….I hope that she can sue the couple to get her money back….as well as all the other GLBTQ couples who have sued bakers and forced them out of business because they refused to violate their conscience and religious beliefs. Obviously they don’t believe that you have the right to have a conscience or religious beliefs unless it agrees with their agenda and beliefs. That is not freedom much less religious freedom. I will never associate with GLBTQ people because they are the most bigoted, intolerant, immoral people I have ever met. They demand the right to do what they want no matter that is against biology, morality, is unhealthy, etc. but at the same time they try to force other people to do things they don’t want to do. If this woman was worldly wise she just would have said that she is not available at that time and should not have given an explantion. You should never trust a GLBTQ person because this is the kind of thing you get in return when you are kind, friendly, and nice to them for nine years. She cares about them but it is totally obvious that they never cared about her in the past and never will in the future. Like all GLBTQ people I have met they are so self absorbed that they care about no-one but themselves. They could care less if they hurt or destroy someone who cared about them. They have no conscience and therefore don’t expect them to act like they have one. Just tell them that you are to busy with other business to provide service for them. You don’t owe them an explanation and for legal reasons you should never give them one. You thought that since you cared about them that they cared about you. GLBTQ people are never that way. They are self serving and self absorbed and care about no-one but themselves. Protect yourself instead of trying to show good intentions. They don’t care if you like them or care about them anyway. They only care about themselves.


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